Dating single mothers in sydney

Oh yes, gone are the days when unhooked mums seemed sad, desperate and destined to stay alone.

Instead, single mums come with established careers, financial and emotional independence and – bonus – are in no rush to get married.

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"I have found from experience, that most men, when hearing during the initial conversation that I have two kids, have their entire body stiffen up and, without being particularly rude or abrupt, find an excuse not to take it any further ... just take advantage of my 'supposedly loneliness' and try to have sex with and leave me." While Hollywood's single mums have no shortage of men to date, (Ashton Kutcher rushed to embrace Demi Moore's three kids as his own, while Brad Pitt adopted both Angelina Jolie's), for the rest of the world, being a hot super-mummy when there are bills to pay, washing to unload and babies to feed, is no easy feat.

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