Dating pregnancy irregular periods

Find out when you got pregnant, how many weeks you are & the exact due date. The first step is to know the first day of your last menstrual period and the ...

I am 21 and ever since I have started having periods I never had them exactly on time, as in 28 days.

She wrote down LMP, guessed ovulation date and just a ? She then recommended that I get a dating scan when I was 8 weeks according to my ovulation date estimate.

Anyway, dating scan agreed with my ovulation date (my estimate was 8w 1d, scan said 7w 6d so pretty close! Next doc visit, she put that down for my EDD, so we're all happy.

i had sex with my girl friend on her 4th day of cycle.

that month i was going vacation she not took the pills.

Also, pregnancy is calculated from the date of conception plus two weeks - thus, if someone conceived four weeks ago, they're estimated to be six weeks pregnant.

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This one just came into my head when I was putting away some pee sticks in my bathroom closet (PCOS sexually active = many $$$ spent on these, even from $ stores!On average the length of my cycle was 30-35 days until the year before last when I first experienced a 45-day cycle but it was normal again from the following month.After about 9 months I had a similar delay after which it was normal again for another 3 months until last month when I started bleeding 9 days later than the due date.  I am also a visiting clinical professor at Stanford.  I continue to teach the residents there and lecture on ultrasound at the yearly UCSF review course.","years_in_practice":"18","num_lives_saved":5,"people_helped":947857,"specialist_name":"Radiologist","number_of_agrees_received":1241,"number_of_thanks_received":559,"abbreviate_name":"Dr.

Dating pregnancy irregular periods