Dating game newgrounds

I picked the brunette, and it said that Lisa was hotter, so I couldn't date her.

Still toiling away for my last semester of college, haha.

But I do wonder sometimes, what sort of stories would you like to see/read?

Most of my stuff is in the whimsical romance/comedy/slice of life sort of area.

You have to watch the intro every time you want to start the game again and it gets kinda repetitive and its a bit slow for my taste. As for your game, the dialogues go just like the sequel - totally unnecessary Liberal propaganda. This included cartoonists, bloggers, youtubers and... Graphics are simple enough, but lack of detail is not a plus.

I haven't been drawing much lately, not quite enough energy for that, but I've been drabbling a bit for potential new stories.

And luckily art stuff for an entry for The Somewhere Series was salvaged, so that'll probably be the first thing that I try to finish once I get time.

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