Dating a paraplegic guy

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Recently, I've met a wonderful guy, through this site, who is a paraplegic and a wheel-chair user. I know that mobility depends on the location of the SCI.

What I'm really wondering is, not necessarily whether or not I should date him, but if anyone could provide some insights into this kind of experience. Mostly, I just need to know how I need to adapt to his needs or how I should change my expectations when dating a guy in a wheelchair. The relationship would take some work, and some doing.

I downhill ski, I enjoy my water access only cottage, I drive my car, I work....... The ONLY reason that I wouldn't want to date you is because you live all the way in Canada. you look 15 years younger than your profile says you are, so not even that. Anyway, just some thoughts and speculations.-- Will I couldn't agree more. I understand when you write, By looking at your pictures I'm sure you never had a problem attracting members of the opposite sex. Maintaining a good attitude, which it appears you have, is half the battle.

I still crave all the emotional and physical needs we all want. No doubt you've spoken with psychologists/therapists. Best wishes Many people will still find you attractive.

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I would just really like to hear from anyone else who had experience in this area, and maybe some tips for me in making the adjustment.

Paraplegics are quite able to take care of their own personal hygiene.

Some may, but don’t expect all of us to talk about sex on the first date. They just lay there all paralyzed and lifeless during sex. If things are boring introduce scented candles, oils, music etc. Wheelchair users are very visual when it comes to foreplay and sex.

“Dating Paraplegics the Ultimate Guide” is a great read for anyone dating. Discover the secrets to dating paraplegics and wheelchair users. False: Sex is not usually one of the things we talk about on a first date.

Pushy: I want to ask a wheelchair user out but I’m afraid I will scare them off. Be creative, “If you behave, I will let you take me out to dinner Friday night.” Most who feel the same way will be flattered. Personal Care Nurse: I don’t want to be a care nurse. I don’t want to help with personal care, help toilet shower and dress etc. Most men and women dating paraplegics do report a healthy active sex life.