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I am a widehearted person who likes to help people in need. I am always willing to listen to another person and value there opinions and ideas.

Perhaps its because girls want what they can't have, thats why playing hard to get works so well.

Here are some surefire ways to piss off a Czech currently living in the Czech Republic, or elsewhere. Yes, we consume more beer per capita than any other country.

If you see a queue forming in the Czech Republic, get on it because there’s something you really want waiting at the end of it. Yes, we’ll come home from the grocery store with 25 oranges just because they happened to be on sale at Tesco. And yes, most of us develop a penchant for booze by the age of 15.

And yes, we waited 20 minutes in line to acquire them. But we really don’t drink as much as the world thinks we do.

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