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Tales of monsters inhabiting the fearful gloom of Slovenia’s caves stretch back through history.

Legends abound of perpetual mist drifting from dark caverns and peculiar half-formed creatures washed into rivers by storm rains – pale, blind and hungry. Forty miles west of Ljubljana, Sašo Weldt, a speleobiologist at Postojna Cave’s subterranean laboratory, is pointing at the dim waters of the lab’s vivarium. “They can’t see you, but they sense you.” The salamander-like olm, or Proteus anguinus, the world’s largest cave adapted animal, can live for over 100 years and grow up to 43cm, meaning we can see them clearly. When we reach their natural habitat – the cave’s underground waterways – we may not have that advantage. The 4,000,000-year-old system, created by the Pivka River cleaving through the karst landscape, has the world’s richest cave fauna – no fewer than 150 animals live here, from water snails to shrimps and slender-necked beetles.