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By fully incorporating the gospel into your life, your happiness will increase.

You will naturally want to share that joy with those around you (see 1 Nephi ; Enos 1:9).

Today I am so happy to be here with my husband Steve. What is the best part—running the marathon and crossing the finish line or preparing to run a marathon?

I want you to know that when we got engaged he pinned me with his Future Farmers of America pin. We often debate this question in our family as we are traveling to run a marathon.

Though no one can fully control the process of progression toward marriage, the following points can help you begin to enjoy and succeed in your dating endeavors: Similarly, you can prepare for a future relationship by becoming whole as an individual now.

It has been a great journey and I wouldn’t trade one minute of it.

Neither of us knew that my blessings would also become Steve’s and that Steve’s blessings would in turn become mine. We didn’t have it all figured out, but we grew together as we struggled and faced challenges together and went through transitions together.

Create the kind of life you would like to invite others into.

The Savior taught, “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly” (John ).