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Any time you want to host a dinner party with your closest friends, you feel guilty that your guy won’t have any of his friends there, and before you know it you’ve also invited his five closest friends and are spending 0 more on food and cleaning 10 more plates. Maybe you don’t leave your weekends empty but fill them up with plans with your friends, which you proceed to cancel at the last minute because your guy calls you to go out. It might feel rude to not reach for your purse when a check arrives, but try not to reach for it every time.

If your guy is letting you pay, it could either be because he thinks you’re a feminist who is offended at being paid for, OR you truly enjoy treating him, OR because he is a mooch…you don’t want it to be the last explanation, and you’ll never find out unless you stop reaching for that purse.

This one of the cute ideas to make for your boyfriend is suitable for the girls who know their way around the kitchen.

If you don't have a heart shaped baking pan, you could bake a square shaped cake and a round one.

When he goes out, don’t bother him with text messages or phone calls.

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Then you don’t know if there are dirty dishes because he’s just messy, or because he looked at them, considered washing them and thought, “Nah. ” And do you drop everything you are doing and take almost two hours out of your day to do it? The fact that he even asks you do to such unnecessary and time consuming tasks says that he doesn’t think your time is as important as his. It’s fine to ask favors of a partner, but know the difference between a reasonable and unreasonable favor.

Cut the round cake in half and place the two halves on top of the square one.

You can think about all kinds of flavors for icing and decorating the cake, such as whipped cream, chocolate, strawberries, or raspberry.

Spark excitement into your relationship by making something your boyfriend will remember you by.

Here are cute things to do for your boyfriend that you can make for him and be sure he will never forget about doing something nice for you in return.