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(5) BANGARANG : hubbub, uproar, disorder, disturbance.

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Yu fayva buttu (12) BIG BOUT YAH : Large and in charge. (5) BRAATA : a little extra; like the 13th cookie in a baker's dozen; or an extra helping of food. (5) BREDREN : one's fellow male Rastas (1) BRINDLE : to be angry (6) BRINKS : title given to a man who is supplying a woman with money (6) BUBU : fool.

Superlative indicating status (power, fame, money, talent, etc) within some social group (12) BISCUIT : a particularly attractive woman (46) BISSY : cola nut. (14) BLACKHEART MAN : a rascal, a hooligan (38) BLOUSE AND SKIRT : common exclamation of surprise. Combination of English boastful and Yoruba bosi-proud and ostentatious (7) BOASIN TONE : Swollen penis or testicles (13) BOBO : fool. (5) BUCKY : home-made gun (2) slave (29) BUCKY MASSA : master over the slaves (29) BUD : bird.

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