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For more detailed information on events click on a specific year, or check the events by year category.There are several differences between the original timeline set by Frank Herbert's Dune and the timeline from the Dune Encyclopedia, and what was set by Brian Herbert (which actually conflicted some of his father's dates) Tlaloc fails to bring the Old Empire out of her slumber.It concerns a simultaneous analysis of periodic and quasi-periodic space rhythms, which involve many factors that have a great effect on these terrible formations, including but not limited to lunar tides and solar cycles.First arousing EMERCOM concerns about Borah Peak Mountain, this report continues, was the 4.8 magnitude earthquake which struck the Yellowstone Caldera (Supervolcano) on 30 March that was the largest trembler to hit this region in nearly 30 years and was preceded by a series of small earthquakes in central Idaho and accompanied by a near simultaneous 3.1 magnitude earthquake occurring near Borah Peak Mountain on the same date.Each year these prehistoric worshippers celebrated the seasonal cycles, which led to the "eight feasts of the Wheel": the solstices, the equinoxes, and four festivals—Imbolc (February 2, now coinciding with the Christian feast of Candlemas), Beltane (May Day), Lammas or Lughnasad (in early August), and Samhain (our Halloween).This nature-attuned, woman-respecting, peaceful, and egalitarian culture prevailed in what is now Western Europe for thousands of years, Starhawk wrote, until Indo-European invaders swept across the region, introducing warrior gods, weapons designed for killing human beings, and patriarchal civilization.Important to note about EMERCOM predictions is that unlike their Western counterparts, Russian scientists suggest four new techniques for long-range prediction of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, which are universal and can be applied to all of the regions of the earth.

Wiccans—who may also call themselves Witches (the capital W is meant to distance them from the word's negative connotations, because Wiccans neither worship Satan nor practice the sort of malicious magic traditionally associated with witches) or just plain pagans (often with a capital P)—tend to be white, middle-class, highly educated, and politically involved in liberal and environmental causes. Wiccan services have been held on at least fifteen U. Starhawk offers a vivid summary of the history of the faith, explaining that witchcraft is "perhaps the oldest religion extant in the West" and that it began "more than thirty-five thousand years ago," during the last Ice Age.

Tio Holtzman invents the Scrambler web which fails to protect the attack of the thinking machines against Salusa Secundus.

Selim is exiled from his village by Naib Dhartha, but he discovers how to ride the sandworms of Arrakis. Omnius conquers Giedi Prime and then he dispatches thousands of deepspace probes into the galaxy to establish machine bases. The First slave revolt of Poritrin is suppressed and Bel Moulay executed.

Prompting the EMERCOM warning about Borah Peak Mountain to WOVO, this report says, was yesterdays (12 April) 4.9 magnitude earthquake in central Idaho near the city of Challis, which on 28 October 1983 suffered a 6.9 magnitude earthquake which killed two children.

earthquake ranks as one of the most powerful earthquakes in the 20th century in the lower 48 US States and produced a 21 mile long scarp that was raised at points as much as 14 feet and is still visible today.