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Multiple-day volunteers included Christopher, Alexis Forrester, Susan Hunt and Tammy Agee.

In addition to art by Hunt’s students, the show included the work of Lancaster Middle School students, teacher, Marilyn Sprouse; and Lancaster High School students, teacher, Sandy Manning. Early childhood-kindergarten, first, Susana Geier; second, Marikazjah Ball; third, Bentley Eppihimer; honorable mention, Jalea Mitchell, Scarlett Jackson, Harlem Davis, Kylee Noel, and Kaymon and Anari Veney.

Special thanks go to so many in the community, including Rappahannock Art League for volunteer judges Marie Armstrong, Nadine Flood, Susan Christopher, Tom Fox and LCPS alumni Natalie Jackson. The RAL also provided funding for all art awards, said Hunt.

- Our chairs, Michelle Howard & Rob Roney have set an aggressive target of growing the organization by 10% and retaining 90% of our members. C and our voice still needs to be heard as the future of our industry continues to be reshaped. Invite an industry colleague to join our ranks, help your local board with their recruitment efforts and get more involved yourself.

While our state chapter still stands at over 800 members strong (a record high) and even with Metro Detroit as the largest chapter in the country, we are finding that many individuals have left our industry, making the retention number a hard one to achieve, but we are close. Membership is our organization's greatest asset and the organization gives so much to our members.

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