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Then, we cross check those dates with other threads of evidence.

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But as the method was refined, it started to show rather regular anomalies.

Of the three reservoirs of radiocarbon on earththe atmosphere, the biosphere, and the hydrosphere, the richest is the lastthe oceans with the seas.

The correctness of the method depends greatly on the condition that in the last 40 or 50 thousand years the quantity of water in the hydrosphere (and carbon diluted in it) has not substantially changed. The method depends also on the condition that during the same period of time the influx of cosmic rays or energy particles coming from the stars and the sun has not suffered substantial variations.

“There’s no dates stamped on these things.”The scientific community is thrilled and grateful for the find, and the University of Calgary will unveil the five fossils on Thursday. That’s a giant clue that this guy has no grasp of the way we discover reliable information.

We have plenty of reliable tools to determine the age of really old things.