Cam fducking on skype

According to one, there were more than 200,000 ransomware attacks in Australia in April-May alone this year.

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But for the Skype users: see if you get any picture by testing in the video devices option menu (be warned, it can take a little while to show up there after skype loads, and a little while for the picture to show when you press the test button, so be patient). (UPDATE: If you’re using Ubuntu 8.10, and have used the alternative patch I posted in the other “UPDATE:” bracket above, the webcam may still not work in Skype at this point.

There seems to be some issue with permissions in this version of the driver, so you may need to run skype as root if it doesn’t appear to be working. It’ll ask for your root password, then launch Skype. Originally I just got a black image, so I assumed the camera wasn’t working.

But I soon realised that the image was there, just very dark - shining a light on it showed this was the case.

I tried fiddling around with gstfakevideo for a while to try and alter the output, but there was a simpler solution.