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You want to know how to find a girlfriend in Moscow, right?

Maybe you are a lonely expat who lives in the capital city of Russia.

And she accepts this pressure as she has to be about to marry until it’s not too late.

Today we would like to talk about this point in post reasonable way.

Coming straight from Ukraine, a country with extremely hot women, I was neither blown away nor disgusted by the women.

What that means was that the women were almost as hot as the women in Eastern, Ukraine.

I have talked to many fellow travelers about the sexiness of Latvian girls, but it was time I went to see for myself.

VKontakte, the most popular Russian-language social network.

I entered some personal information, uploaded an especially flattering picture of myself, then used the search function to find all single women between 25 and 35 in Ukraine who were online at the moment — around p.m. There were more than 10,000 available, all sorted by a rating system which seemed to be directly proportional to the amount of pictures a woman had posted of herself in a string bikini, and how good she looked in said bikini.

Since Ukrainian women are some of the hottest women in the world, I would say that’s not bad at all. I had heard a lot about how blonde the locals are in Latvia, but arriving there it seemed that they were only slightly more blonde than the girls in Eastern Ukraine and quite a bit less blonde than the girls in Finland. Another things I noticed during my time in Latvia, is that the hottest Latvian girls considered themselves Russian. The Russian Latvian girls are slender, tall, where sexy clothing and high heals and are just hot.

The native Latvian girls however, dress much more like Western girls and don’t have the bodies that the Russian ones did.