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She testified that her daughter apparently had a child with one of her kidnappers, and was "given cocaine so that she could work more," according to El Nuevo Herald.

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Women’s groups lauded the government move to make it mandatory for public and private schools to teach a program of “sexual health and responsible procreation” that includes “biological, psychological, social and emotional aspects.” While designed for all students, it appeared particularly valuable for girls, who, arguably, struggle harder than boys with societal pressure to look sexy and have sex.While attempting to trace Marita's whereabouts, Trimarco visited brothels across the northwest, pretending to be a former prostitute looking to recruit other sex workers.She said she spoke with women who'd met Marita, who had been beaten, drugged and abused.The students in the school for deaf children would call her the “bad nun,” the woman who was supposed to take care of them, but who they say would send them into rooms to be sexually abused by priests.Others said she committed abuse herself and would force them to watch pornography on television.