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It's important to me, even as a head of a label, that I get to know as much as I can in a short space of time.

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When Stephen Mulhern revealed one of the most Googled things about the comedian is 'Is David Walliams dating Simon', David had an absolute field day.Amanda explained: "He's delving really deeply into people's personal lives, asking about their motivations, how they feel, how happy they are."It's absolutely hysterical, he's talking to me about Pinterest like it's a brand new thing," she added.(We're not sure how this connects to caring about people either.)In response to the shocking accusations, Simon responded: "I've always been interested in people. I’ve got you two tickets to the (America's Got Talent) final," he said."Oh thank you so much, I’ll book my flight tonight! Simon's last attempt to take one of his British judges to the States ended in disaster. Although Simon didn't manage to get the girls lucrative Stateside exposure, he has arranged for a consolation gift."What I have got for you, can I reveal something exclusively?

Are amanda holden and simon cowell dating