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The purpose of the convention was for the group to meet openly, expose members to national resources and discuss pressing issues related to what they call "ethical non-monogamy." How to Find a Partner Many of the presentations at Relate Con were lighthearted, with titles like "50 Shades of Real Life," "The Cuddle Puddle Project" and "Painless Poly Dating 101." One of two talks Downey hosted was about regaining passion in long-term relationships in the midst of "new relationship energy" from other partners."For years, my wife and I would check in every night before we went to bed, but the conversation wasn't of much substance," he said. Critics are crying foul because Howard is white and his mentally disabled victim is black. Howard to take a plea deal that will spare him prison time and keep him off the sex offender registry.Mischaracterized as hazing and bullying, the violence is so normalized on some teams that it persists for years, as players attacked one season become aggressors the next.Coaches frequently say they're not aware of what's happening. Meet other singles through one-on-one online matching, and with PODS—People Out Doing Stuff™, where people with shared interests meet up in great places. Meetcha offers one-on-one matching and PODS—People Out Doing Stuff™, where groups with similar interests meet up in great places for singles events.

Shelly Mc Daniel has filed a million lawsuit against the Dietrich School District after her son, 18, was allegedly held down by one teammate while two others brutally sodomized him with a coat hanger.Metro UK — At a court appearance on Friday Howard, who goes to Dietrich High School in Dietrich, Idaho, agreed to plead guilty to one count of felony injury to a child, the Twin Falls Times-News reported.For this, he will be sentenced to 300 hours of community service with two to three years of probation.Family: Shelly Mc Daniel, the white adoptive mother of a black football player, 18, says she warned the school for months about racist threats to her son and children (above with husband Ron and four of their 20 adopted children)The mother of a football player who was allegedly sodomized with a coat hanger by teammates John Howard (left) and Tanner Ward (right) claims she warned the school for months about racist threats to her children The attack came after the woman said she spent months trying to convince school officials that her and her husband's concerns about the repeated racist harassment directed at their children needed to be treated seriously.The allegations of prolonged racist taunts and physical abuse were revealed this month when the family filed a million lawsuit against the Dietrich School District.