60 plus seniors dating swinging

According to the Center for Disease Control, among our senior citizen population sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are spreading like wildfire.

Since 2007, incidence of syphilis among seniors is up by 52 percent, with chlamydia up 32 percent.

Since we are not a matchmaking or dating service, there is never any pressure at our events.

You never have to feel uncomfortable or that the goal is finding a date. We have hadfour couples meet and get married who met in the group and several who have dated, but that was over time and flourished outside of our events It is wonderful when love happens, but that is not the goal of our organization.

I was talking to Frederick Clarkson yesterday, and over our lunch of smoked turkey-wraps I mentioned that I'd come across what seemed to be an Opus Dei dating website. We have had over 200 successful marriages thus far, a powerful testimony to God's power at work through this site as an instrument of His Holy Spirit."I had been seeking to find a way to bring serious single Catholics together for a long time.

"No, really, I'm pretty sure....." So, today I checked it out. to be an instrument of Jesus Christ used to bring hope to single Catholics who are serious about their faith, loyal to the Pope and Magisterium, and seek to meet their future spouse who shares their convictions.

Contributing to the growth of Ave Maria Singles through the Ave Maria Foundation was my opportunity to do that.

I look forward to seeing it grow in great numbers all around the world with many marriages, children and holy Catholic families established." - Tom Monaghan, Founder of Domino's Pizza Now, this isn't an 'official' Opus Dei Catholic Singles site, but take a look at who the site lists in it's "Prominent Catholics Appreciate the Ave Maria Singles Website! His blurb informs us: He has personally advised many of his spiritual directees to join. "This service is providing an ideal setting for serious Catholics to search for... Together with their children they will build 'the civilization of love and truth' in the next millennium." Prominent Catholics Love the Ave Maria Singles Website!

In this case, Monaghan is encouraging the concentration of Opus Dei-ness, lest that ideological stock get watered down as Opus devotees, in desparation, turn to non-Opus members for marriage.

And this isn’t merely a phenomenon in the United States, as several recent British studies have produced similar results.

So apparently the hippy generation has decided to dust off its slightly musty mantra: .

These activities provide a terrific opportunity to meet like-minded people Personal service isalwaysa top priority!

Theowner offers a complimentary meeting over coffee to meet each potential member,offer a packet of information and answer any questions you may have.