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Wind power produced the equivalent of 42.1% of Denmark's total electricity consumption in 2015, As concerns over global warming grew in the 1980s, Denmark found itself with relatively high carbon dioxide emissions per capita, primarily due to the coal-fired electrical power plants that had become the norm after the 19 energy crises.

The network for optical fiber connections is currently being increased in Denmark allowing speeds as high as 100 Mbit for private users.

Mobile broadband has also become normal in Denmark – 3G (UMTS and HSPA ) is by far the most common technical solution in Denmark.

The coverage is pretty good in most of the country, and the speeds vary from a few Mbit to around 40 Mbit (sold as “up to” 80 Mbit, but you shouldn’t expect more than 40 Mbit at most).

Danish lawmakers on Friday repealed a centuries-old blasphemy law which forbid public insults of a religion, such as the burning of holy books like the Qur'an, cementing the country's attachment to freedom of expression.

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